WE ARE BEST Seo & Google Marketing

What is Seo?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and since Google is the most used engine, it can be equated to Google marketing. SEO in simple terms is the intentional editing of content to make it appear in the top results of a search engine query. The search engine produces results when a user searches for something based on what is regarded leading in relevance to the input. By optimizing a website, one can draw traffic to the site and thus is offered a competitive advantage gained effortlessly. A customer searching for an online product will mostly choose from what is found in the top result since one tends to have more confidence with such.
The idea behind SEO is the fact that a page that has a high density of words will appear higher in the search results than those pages with scanty words. This is not as easy as it sounds since search engines have become better and they can identify and penalize websites with junk words. The words should be trustworthy and descriptive of what is offered on the website.


Keywords are what people key in when looking for stuff in the vast internet sources. The person optimizing a website should get into the shoe of the customer and try as much as possible to use the words that the consumer will likely type in the search. Google keyword planner and other tools can help one get an idea of the keywords with much popularity. The keywords need to be found in the page title, meta description, page heading, ALT tags, and content of the website.  

What SEO Required ?

SEO requires content to thrive, and content marketing comes into the picture. Businesses and companies have known what the consumer wants, and they put the keywords on their websites to make it possible for the client to find them. A website that appears high in the SERP (search engine results page) will do better in marketing when compared to those that are found in subsequent pages. Google marketing, therefore, is an incredible tool that can boost a company’s sales turnover and profile.